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Wildlife at Greenacres

30th May 2023
Wave Affect

Greenacres is home to many animals… and a lot of birds.

This year the swallows have decided to build an additional nest – in the Information Hut – so we are keeping an eye on the nest but it is lovely to seee.

Greenacres is home to many animals… and a lot of birds.

Every year we have swallows that return to their nest above a washing up area – and we all watch as Mum sits on the nest and then listen to the babies demanding their food!

But this year they have chosen to build an additional next in the Information Hut. An engineering feat on a narrow light stripĀ  – and right next to everyone coming and going to the fridges / freezers.

We’ve put up notices and information sheets – so everyone can have a look and then leave them in peace.

If you like birds – then you will love it here! Swallows are just one of the many birds we have. We also have a robin that is nesting in the wood shed – plus everyone loves hearing the owls at night time.


Swallow Information
Swallow on nest