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    As the darkness and damp of winter sets in, a few of our regular customers are missing their "fix" of Greenacres sunshine and have asked for regular news about their favourite corner of Somerset.

    With so much going on at the moment it's a very exciting time, so we are happy to oblige.

    Duncan, Mary and the girls (if we can tear them away from the Disney Channel for long enough) will publish a blog keeping you all up to date as things progress.

    The first instalment is ready to read - please choose "Blog" from the main menu.


  • A Busy First Week

    Chainsaw with attitudeA Busy First Week


    Well, what a busy week!

    It all started last Friday when we officially collected the keys and said farewell to Ros and David. They both squeezed into the two remaining tiny gaps in their Renault, crammed full with the last remaining “this might be useful” items, then tearfully headed off to the Midlands and retirement.

    OK. Game on. It’s down to us now!

    We spent the weekend exploring our new kingdom, which was great fun, and taking up carpets ready for the builders, which wasn’t so much fun. Sore knees and a million puncture wounds from Gripper rod spikes. Even with heavy rain and autumn gales blowing Greenacres is still a fantastic place. The bird feeders need re-filling almost every day as dozens of birds compete for the adjacent perches.

    We then started on “Project Conifers”, which is a little daunting. Those familiar with Greenacres might recall some tall fir trees next to the garage/reception area. Their misfortune was being right in the path of one of our proposed extensions, meaning their fate was sealed. You’d think with a name like Forrester, tree felling might come easily, but not so. Better to leave it to the experts and a helpful chap called Simon, who’s a dab hand with a chain saw. At the end of the first day 2 out of 3 were on the ground and the last one had a haircut, ready for another assault next week.

    When Simon had done, I then got to work learning how to use a chain saw. They’re such dangerous weapons that they simply should not be so much fun! Thankfully I’m typing this with all limbs still intact, so rest assured I was careful. That evening I even read the instructions, note after the event – a bloke thing.

    I wasn’t so lucky when it came to burning-off the greenery and small branches. Having stacked it and mixed-in some cardboard I decided to give it a bit of encouragement with some old petrol from the garage. BIG mistake. When I set it alight the whole lot blew back at me and left me with an instant tan and no eyebrows. Such a stupid, schoolboy error and one I won’t be repeating.

    The same day we also had a visit from the local Environmental Health Officer regarding the transfer of the camp site licence. A very helpful chap and, as luck would have it, we knew each other as we both support the same small charity, Water for Kids. They do some fantastic work on water supplies and public health in Africa and South America – check out the web site at

    More on Public Health matters (our septic tanks!) next week!

    Best wishes,


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