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Slow Camping

Curious chaffinch


Sometimes you want to take life a little more slowly.

While the world chases and harries around at 100mph, in Somerset the cows just stare, then return to munching their grass. Across the campsite young rabbits scamper and nibble.

The sun's getting really warm now. Time for a cup of tea and maybe a stroll across the lane for an ice cream. An endless chorus of birdsong duets with the gentle rustle of leaves. The strawberries you bought earlier from Wells market ooze their juicy sweetness. 

A chaffinch lands just a few feet from your camping chair. You pretend to ignore it, continue reading the newspaper, but secretly watch from the corner of your eye as it hops bravely up onto the base of your parasol.

Greenacres isn't only a paradise for little ones. Outside the school holidays and midweek the atmosphere is very different. Quiet. Peaceful.

Put the kettle on.

No rush.

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